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To benefit from the insatiable demand for cryptocurrency mining hardware, technology company Sapphire has launched a series of new graphics cards.ASUS Dual series Radeon RX 580 4GB GDDR5 for best eSports and 4K gaming.The booming price of bitcoin fueled a surge of sales of graphics cards made by Nvidia, but analysts worry the surge is not sustainable.Currently the best graphics cards to mine Bitcoins are all AMDs.Introduction to the GPGPU BenchmarksNow that OpenCL is established as a multi-platform GPU-computing API, its relatively simple to benchmark general-purpose GPU.

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Much has been made lately of the debate revolving around the Bitcoin.

Sapphire Launches New Graphics Cards For Crypto Mining

Bitcoin Mining graphics cards released by ASUS, Sapphire

The reason miners are using GPUs for mining Ethereum is because it is ASIC resistant.Bitcoin has since moved past graphics cards in. project that supports scrypt mining and has been tested.If you want to try your luck at bitcoin mining then this Bitcoin.You can enhance your bitcoin hash rate by adding graphics hardware to your desktop computer.

Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative.Who would have thought that Bitcoin mining is surging ahead, and this has caused the price of graphic cards (as well as shares of Nvidia and AMD) to increase.They offer the same hash rate, pitiful warranty and zero resale value.Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may enable online threats like ransomware to spread, but they are also fueling demand for powerful and efficient new graphics cards.Best graphic card For Bitcoin Mining: You had the first computer you needed for bitcoin mining.Why not pick up one that could potentially pay for itself, like the new Bitcoin mining mainboards from ASRock.Bitcoin Mining GPU Performance Comparison. we are using the default clock speeds on all video cards tested except for.

Bitcoin mining is a lot like a. it was discovered that high end graphics cards were much.Bitcoin and ethereum miners use powerful graphics processing units — or the computer chips on graphics cards — to generate new cryptocurrency units,.According to, Bitcoin mining is the process of making computer hardware do. 20 GRAPHICS CARD BITCOIN MINING RIG ATI.GUIMiner supports the most popular Bitcoin Mining software, including OpenCL Miner for AMD graphics cards,.

AMD announces Radeon R9 280 graphics card, hopes Litecoin

Ethereum-Mining Biostar Mainboard for about 100 graphics

Bitcoin mining with Integrated graphics. graphics card or look at one of the new ASIC devices specifically dedicated to bitcoin mining.

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Redesigned with an intuitive, all-new UI, GPU Tweak II makes overclocking easier and more visual than ever, while still retaining advanced options for seasoned overclockers.

Probably not the best time to start building another rig, but what can you do.A new rumor has just started to spread in the industry, a rumor we heard from few sources.

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This has caused a major wave of sales of PC graphics cards, which has actually driven up the price of many.

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Boost your performance by turning off windows visual effects.Bitcoin mining with a CPU was once the norm,but these days its pretty pointless as mining with a graphics card (GPU) is 50-100 times faster because they have a lot.

We are Bitcoin Enthusiasts that at first had difficulty determining the.With Ethereum being resistant to ASIC hardware miners have resulted to using multi-GPU setups to handle the mining.Graphic cards support go ahead and take load off the main processor as well as look after what exactly is viewable to you.ASUS has announced release of new motherboard B250 Expert Mining with support for Up to 19 Graphics Cards aimed to cryptocurrency.I saw a few used one on kijiji that has been used from 2 to 6 months of bitcoin mining.